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Hi, I'm Joe. It's great to meet you.

Pixeljack Web Design

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Pixeljack. I’m a freelance web designer specialising in the creation of bespoke websites, eCommerce stores and other digital media. My goal is to get customers excited about interacting with your products and services in a fun and engaging way. 

My comprehensive design process ensures complete design satisfaction, and payment process helps shorten the time between spending and ROI. 

As a freelancer who’s been designing websites for over 6-years, I’m well equipped to take your concept & ideas and turn them into reality. 

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Our design process

No Large Upfront Costs

Being asked to front the cost of design and development without seeing any work can be daunting and put you in a uncomfortable position. Therefore, Pixeljack operates a staggered payment process to help spread the cost from conception to deployment.

This method of payment helps shorten the time between cash spend and return on investment, syncing project progress with payments. 


Phase 1 | Research

20% Deposit | Initial discussion & outline the phases of the project. Research themes, SEO Keywords & target audience.  


Phase 2 | Wireframing

A visual guide that represents the framework of the website is created to show the position of content and images.


Phase 3 | Design & Development

20% Deposit | Website is built upon the content management system, integrations & add-ons setup, all launched on our staging server. 


Phase 4 | Content

Text and images are finalised, SEO checklist completed, full spell and a grammar check completed.


Phase 5 | Quality Assurance

60% Deposit | The new website undergoes a full quality assurance and systems check, along with last-minute optimisations. 

Joe Jacks

Founder & Owner

An extension

Of your team

Working with a freelancer can provide a host of benefits that translate into a better-finished product. Moving faster and making a decision quicker than larger design firms, revisions & changes can be completed within a matter of hours not days. 

Consistency and communication are other great benefits of using a freelancer. Because we wear many different hats, including graphic design, copywriting, photography, UX design, and more, your finished website’s design and tone will be more consistent. And because you’re dealing with just one point of contact, you’ll experience less hassle and always be working with someone who has a total understanding of all aspect of your project.

Interested in discussing a project?

We endeavour to respond to all enquiries the same day. 

Alternatively, please complete the ‘Project Planner’ form so we can provide a quote specific to your requirements.

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