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Fully-managed hosting services tailored to your specific online requirements.

Whether you’ve had a website designed by the team at Pixeljack, or you’re looking to move your website from your current provider, hosting your website on super-speedy servers has a direct impact on your site’s success. Our high-performance servers help improve SEO rankings, increase conversion rates and lowers bounce rates. 

Our servers are optimized to load websites up to 20x faster than popular providers such as GoDaddy or Wix.

We offer our managed hosting services to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small independent blogger, right through to a large multi-national with e-commerce sites, our services are perfect for your needs.

Pixeljack’s hosting services cover all aspects of hosting. We take care of your security, backups, DNS settings, and disaster recovery. By having us manage your hosting, we’ll commit to your website having an uptime of 99.9%.

In the event that something goes wrong, our experts will be on-hand to help you 24-hours a day.

All our customers receive the same great hosting services at extremely competitive prices. Please get in touch to receive a tailored quote.  


CloudFlare serves two purposes designed to benefit your site. Firstly, as a content delivery network, CloudFlare is designed to increase the speed at which your website loads up to twice as fast. Secondly, CloudFlare offers extra layers of advanced security used to help protect your site from hackers and DDoS attacks. 

Furthermore, by having your DNS handled by CloudFlare, you’ll gain detailed analytics on your website including information about page views, threats stopped, types of threats mitigated and bandwidth saved. 


Backups are an integral part of good website hosting. When downtime costs money and business, you need the reassurance that your data can quickly be restored from a reliable source in a matter of minutes.

Built on the backbone of’s multi-billion pound online business, Amazon AWS is the perfect service for keeping copies of your website data secure and readily accessible. 

Our pricing reflects the frequency that you require your data to be backed-up. We recommend that all customers back up their websites on a weekly basis as a minimum, scaling up to daily or hourly backups depending on your requirements. 


When things go wrong, you want the assurance that someone familiar with your website can start working on a resolution within a matter of minutes. That's why all plans as part of our hosting services come with 24/7 support as standard.


Had a website built by us? Looking to transfer of from another provider? No problem! We'll take care of the transfer or setup process, free of charge!


Having a fast website is pinnacle to converting sales, increasing your SEO ranking and stopping bounce rates. Once hosted by Pixeljack, we'll continue to fine-tune and optimise your hosting to increase the speed at which your website loads.


All our hosting plans come with daily back-ups. Your data is securely transferred and stored in Amazon's AWS servers, ready to be deployed if disaster strikes.

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We endeavour to respond to all enquiries the same day. 

Alternatively, please complete the ‘Project Planner’ form so we can provide a quote specific to your requirements.

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